Pop in the City is a great initiative from Marie Pichot and Clémentine Charles, two graduates from ESCP Europe. Both very interested in sports and culture, they decided to create their own and unique kind of event: an Urban Adventure Race for women, taking place in European cities with character.

First destination: the marvelous city of Porto, and 300 participants. Marie and Clémentine had planned to greet and inform the inhabitants of the city during the weeks preceding the event, via a short message in the metro. They wanted a friendly, simple message, with a similar graphic style as Juno.

This videa was a small project. It is interesting to note, however, that the best and only way to do this was by drawing all the letters by hand several times, before putting them one after another in order to animate them. It is how they did it in Juno, and it is actually much faster than using a computer. At least in 2012 !

Editing Emmanuel Tenenbaum
Illustrations Clémentine Charles

Pop in the City: Metro of Porto

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