I don’t know anybody who isn’t fascinated by Tokyo. This is my portrait of the unreasonable yet beautiful Japanese megalopolis.

Shot on a camcorder Sony hdr-hc3 in 2007, edited in 2014. This film is dedicated to Daichi and Hiroki, and could not have existed without the precious help of the Paul Judith and Noëmi Fivat, Jérémie Lambelin, and my lifelong friends Kazuhito and Yuki Gomi.

Nominated for Best Experimental film at Shortcutz Amsterdam 2014. Official selection to FARCUME 2014 (Portugal) and 14th Cine a la Calle (Colombia).

I love (new) Tokyo Poster

Camera & Editing Emmanuel Tenenbaum
Co-editor Agata Tyczka
Credits Hortense Lauras
Music Fahrenheit Fair Enough, Telefon Tel-Aviv (Hefty Records 2001)

アイ ラブ (ニュー) トーキョー I LOVE (NEW) TOKYO

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