Breakfast (Déjeuner du matin)

He poured the coffee
Into the cup
He put the milk
Into the cup of coffee
He put the sugar
Into the coffee with milk
With a small spoon
He stirred
He drank the coffee
And he put down the cup
Without speaking to me
He lighted
A cigarette
He made circles
With the smoke
He shook off the ash
Into the ashtray
Without speaking to me
Without looking at me
He got up
He put
A hat on his head
He put on
A raincoat
Because it was raining
And he left
In the rain
Without a word
Without looking at me
And I buried
My face in my hands
And I cried.

— Jacques Prévert

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Award: Jury prize at Young Art Korte Film Award (Netherlands 2013)

Nominations: Best Cinematography at Eindhoven’s Film Festival (Netherlands 2012), shortlisted for Best Director 2013 at Shortcutz Amsterdam (Netherlands 2013)

Selections: Utopia Film Festival (Netherlands 2012), L’écran s’écrit (France 2012), Misty Fields Festival (Netherlands 2012), 14th Film By The Sea (Netherlands 2012), Jaipur International Film Festival (India 2012), Salón Internacional de la Luz (Colombia 2013), 41th International Film Festival in Huesca (Spain 2013), Walthamstow International Film Festival (United Kingdom 2013), EfeboCorto Film Festival (Italy 2013)

Direction Emmanuel Tenenbaum
Production Sotavento & Studio Tenenbaum
Actors Amélie Onzon, Guido Gerard
Cinematography Richard Spierings
Art Direction Camille Cortet
Editing Thomas Fernandez, Ariane Heslot
Sound Sara Pinheiro
End credits Dulce Gonçalves
Line Production (NL) Marnix Eichelberg
Post-production (FR) Julien Decoin, Clément Guilloton
Director’s Assistant Tim de Vries
Gaffer Bart van Tunen
Production Assistants Antoon van den Boogaard, Jaap de Bruin
Art Assistant Chloé Pouzoulet
Camera Assistants Shaun Leyden, Stef van Wijk
Storyboard Antoine Meurillon
Make-up Merle Holterman
Best boys Bram Geenen, Renko Koppe
Continuity Alejandra Inés Marqués
Sound Mix Guillaume Valeix (Oz – Créations sonores)
Color Grading Studio l’Equipe
Special Effects Rain Marnix Eichelberg
Music Armellodie by Chilly Gonzales, No Format, Universal Music Jazz (France)

Déjeuner du Matin, a poem by Jacques Prévert

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