Philips High Performance Tips

Creative Corporate Series
Philips Healthcare

How can you distill best practices for several hundred employees around the world and make sure that they remain interested and that they’ll use them to make a real impact within the company?

That’s the question we were asked by Saskia Velthuizen, Head of HR of the Diagnostic Imaging division of Philips Healthcare.

We recommended a simple concept: every subject will go in depth but will be illustrated by absurd examples pulled from old films we update with a novel twist. These are actually films that have entered into the public domain. The final result will be a coherent series of videos that employees can easily locate on the company’s video platform.

Production Company

  • Studio Tenenbaum


Concept & Direction

  • Emmanuel Tenenbaum
  • Antoine Meurillon


  • Emmanuel Tenenbaum

Camera & Graphic Design

  • Antoine Meurillon


  • Emmanuel Tenenbaum
  • Antoine Meurillon
  • Maëlle Guillermou
  • Marine Guillermou
  • Ikenna Azuike
  • Jaap de Bruin
  • Vincent Pasquier