El Toque

Web commercial
Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Radio Netherlands Worldwide is a public international broadcaster based in the Netherlands and active in China, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Arab world, where freedom of expression is severely restricted. RNW offers information unavailable in local media because of legislation or taboos. RNW defends and promotes free speech thought-provoking content with and for young people from all over the world and organize a safe space for them to form opinions and tell their stories.

This commercial is designed for a Mexican audience, and features the demonstrations that followed the election of Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto in December 2012 and their biaised coverage by the local media.

Production Company

  • Studio Tenenbaum



  • Emmanuel Tenenbaum


  • Emmanuel Tenenbaum
  • Steyfan Neyman

VFX & Motion Design

  • Stefan Neyman

Sound Design & Music

  • Yiannis Tsirikoglou

Cinematographer Mexico

  • Aldo Sotelo

Cinematographer Netherlands

  • Antoine Meurillon

Production Managers Netherlands

  • Marnix Eichelberg
  • Alice Bonnot


  • Eduardo Sánchez Estrada
  • AFP